by on Sep.28, 2007, under

Just upraded to Dexter (wordpress 2.3 ),

Test,Test,Test,Test,Test,Test,Test !!!

need to find new theme to support “tagging” or fix the one i have !!

the Info is here, now just need some time

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Power (oh my god)

by on Sep.27, 2007, under, Computers, Geekdom, Technology, Unbelievable

got my self one of those domestic power meters and been around the house,


Need to change my storage strategy, the Compaq RA4100 fibre channel chassis with 12 disk may well be over kill, but it is also DAMN expensive to run,
and I have NO idea why the UPS is pulling 100Watts with NO load !!!

??As i am only ising the storage for archive type stuff not “live” apps, I am planning to replce it with an external USB2 disk,
the Cost Recovery Period will be less than 4 months !

Not sure what to do about the server though, it is runnign AD, Exchange, VMware server with VOIP PBX and dansguardian ….

Device Watts kWh per month Cost (GBP) per month
Server 165 118.8 11.4048
data Storage array 308 221.76 21.28896
router 3 2.16 0.20736
hub 6 4.32 0.41472
Disk 10 7.2 0.6912
UPS ? 102 73.44 7.05024
Fish tank Light on 18 12.96 1.24416
Fish Tank light off 4 2.88 0.27648
Printer (standby) 8 5.76 0.55296
Print Server 8 5.76 0.55296
Xbox (standby) 1 0.72 0.06912
15″ LCD TV 2 1.44 0.13824
standard sat RX 25 18 1.728
cordless phone 3 2.16 0.20736
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Tosser on a bus

by on Sep.20, 2007, under, Technology, Unbelievable

Fairly normal morning, buses actually running to timetable, unlike tuesday !

So I got on the No10 bus, at the bus-stop right outside Hucclecote Library (opposite the Royal Oak public house if you dont do librarys) only to find a tosser playing crap rap very loudly on his mobile phone,

So here is a picture of Mr Tosser for everyone to see !!!!


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2.1.3 test

by on Apr.19, 2007, under

Mary had a little lamb
it’s fleece at white as snow
and every where that mary went
was a little pool of piss !


Seems to Work OK !

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2.1.2 Migration Whooo Hooo

by on Mar.02, 2007, under

Just Migrated to NEW server with mySQL 4.1 etc

and the applied wordpress 2.1.2

and it works

Whoooo Hooooo

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by on Feb.22, 2007, under, General

upgraded to 2.0.9 ,

test, test …………..

must look at Mysql 4. for goto 2.1.1

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HelloooOoooOoooOoooOoooOooo !!

by on Feb.21, 2007, under, General

WTF, it is 01:50, and i am looking at my blog, AROOOGA AROOOGA (there goes the sad geek alarm)

??why am i not in bed !


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2.0.5 Ronan

by on Nov.04, 2006, under, General

upgraded from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5

seems to work !!

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Spam Karma

by on Oct.16, 2006, under

Finally got around to installing spam karma 2, so lets see if if does what is says in the tin !!

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by on Apr.28, 2006, under, Geekdom, Technology

I have got my self a virtual dedicated linux server hosted in a pucker internet datacentre,
A virtual dedicated server is a entire real installation of a linux server to which i have full root access but on a shared hardware platform, making it cost roughtly 50% less than a proper dedicated box

So this blog is no longer coming from a old DELL desktop stuffed under a desk in my home……

Now all I need is a few customers to help cover the costs

If anyone is interested it ony took me about 90 minutes to migrate this entire blog and my mambo site
I have even started to use VI line editor to make minor config changes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for the impressive bit :-
The ISP took 87 minutes to deliver my server after I placed the order.
now that is impressive !

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