Microsoft, Tech-ed IT Forum, Barcelona, Day 3

by on Nov.16, 2007, under Geekdom, Technology

Well it is actually day 5, and nearly time to go home, but i have only just found the time to to write this up
Yet another day of many sessions and information over load
Session 1. Microsoft search server, wow look like that have spent some time on this one, really cool fedarated queries etc , which being based on opensearch technology (which is fundamentally RSS) you could just add a normal RSS feed to the side of your normal search. Picture you corporate search engine has you TOP news article down the side….
I wonder if it could be tweaked into a feedburner type app by republishing RSS feeds

Session 2. missed that one and gave the IIS guys in the exhibition?? hard time. Well worth it, deep dive into IIS7 and the IIS& FTP server (which is not part of server 2008, but a separate install for some reason)

Session 3. Interactive session, SQL server best practices, did not realy get much from this session, it would appear my current recommendations for SQL security in a WEB farm are pretty good

Session 4. Far too tired, for more data in take, so did a LAB on server 2008

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Microsoft, Tech-ed IT Forum, Barcelona, Day 2

by on Nov.13, 2007, under Computers, Geekdom, General, Technology

Very Busy day,??6 Session, some good some bad

session 1, IIS7 to IT Pro’s by Issac Roybal
Tonnes of really good new features, many of which directly address problem i have experianced over the past FOUR years, I wonder when i can get it on the ground

Session 2, went to a?? great hand on, self paced LAB on configuring IIS7, this actually left me with more Questons than answers

Session 3, Lunch team slot on Windows Home Server, fantastic home Pc backup and central storage box, full support for up to 10 media connect 2.0 devices, (shame i dont have any YET !!!!!!), built in web server to allow uncle jim to acces a slice of your library, yoiu even yourself from that nasty hotel 1000 miles from home! soon to be shipping with a pucker public cert on the domain with full support for UPNP and dynamic DNS too.

Session 4, MORE IIS7, but how to used the new shared config feature in a WEB farm, so many NEW features to fix problems i spent weeks writing scritps for in IIS6. (met a dutch bloke yoiu managed a web farm doing 150,000,000 hits per day, make my intranet 8,000,000 per hit look pathetic)

Session 5, SQL server storage and performance, some excitable lunatic talking about 32CPU server with 512 Gig of ram and 92 hard disk spindles just for the data

??Session 6, Windows server 2008 core, seem like a nice idea, but with .net being “managed code” it cant be deployed on CORE, making the IIS CORE version suitable for ASP (yeh right), ??HTML and PHP (i think DONT QOUTE ME)

ah well time to return to the hotel for nosh and an early night, unless i can find seom of the guys i met in redmond in april 🙂

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Microsoft, Tech-ed IT Forum, Barcelona, Day 1

by on Nov.12, 2007, under Computers, Geekdom, Technology

just left the Keynote speech at MS TechEd in Barcelona
some really great stuff on the horizon, Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V, system center etc,
However the most impressive thing for my, as a geek, was Home server, and dedcated windows based server for the home, automated back up household PCs, support from windows media devices such as XBOX 360. Full PC backup and restire etc etc

Far too many usefull feature for a home PC enironmrnt too mention here

however some what ammusing was when the speaker asked how many people are running a “server” at home over 20 % of the audiance raised their hands,
So I am NOT the only one

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Microsoft, Tech-ed IT Forum, Barcelona, Day 0

by on Nov.11, 2007, under Geekdom

Sat in departure lounge at Heathrow airport
What a nightmare day

Finish packing, (i am a man what else do yoiu expect)
Take Jake to scouts rememberance service
Do shopping for the house (I suppose the wife and kids need to eat while i am away)
Do the Wife’s early birthday, (which is actually tomorrow, but i am away, more dog box points)
Drive to heathrow

Something fell of the hire car when i drove round a roundabout near swindon. I later found out it was the OIL filler cap, and the underside of the bonnet was covered in OIL when i got to the airport OOPSY !!!!

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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

by on Oct.23, 2007, under Computers, Geekdom, General, Rant, Technology

I had a lovley surprise this morning, 1600 bounced spam emails in my “selective catch all” mail box

I use the term selective, as it has a huge (3000+) blacklist, that and the RDNS connection filtering I run, keeps my normal spam, in the mail box, down to less than 10 a day, with some 3000 being actively rejected.
There is a big debate around whether “catch all” is a good idea these days, But I find it soooo usefull, to be able to use a slighly different email address for any site I register with, especially when outfits like autotrader (autotrader@) leak email data to nigeria like a holey thing and inteflora (flowers@) sold my email address on,

This mornings little treat was not rejected by the RDNS process as they all came from legit mail relays, as bounced email. Which basicaly mean some arsehole is spoofing email from my domain. having been hear before, it is usually followed by a barage of don’t email stuff like this please email from the less astute netizens

I also have reason to believe that one of my work email address’s is being use to spoof spam too, as I have one or two bouced email arrive there too

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100 MPH blogging

by on Oct.05, 2007, under Geekdom, Technology

Currently sat on a first great?? (debatable) ??western train from paddington to swindon

Some of the carriages have been through a re-fit, and now have Laptop power, one socket for every two seats, well cool

so Add Laptop and 3G mobile phone, and we have 100+ Mph Blogging 🙂

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Fixing my power consumption Part 1…

by on Oct.01, 2007, under Computers, Geekdom, Technology

Following on the shocking revelation as to how much my toys were costing me to run
I spent satuday morning, moving data, re-writing backup scripts, and have managed to SQEEZE all my data onto the disks in the server, which has enabled me to shut down the extreemly power hungry FC storage array.
This has also left me short of space, but a USB2 external disk is on the cards for the general archive stuff !

Next will be replace the UPS. i have a belkin 600VA one lying around, that shoudl be enough now i have reduce the power to under 200 Watts

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Power (oh my god)

by on Sep.27, 2007, under, Computers, Geekdom, Technology, Unbelievable

got my self one of those domestic power meters and been around the house,


Need to change my storage strategy, the Compaq RA4100 fibre channel chassis with 12 disk may well be over kill, but it is also DAMN expensive to run,
and I have NO idea why the UPS is pulling 100Watts with NO load !!!

??As i am only ising the storage for archive type stuff not “live” apps, I am planning to replce it with an external USB2 disk,
the Cost Recovery Period will be less than 4 months !

Not sure what to do about the server though, it is runnign AD, Exchange, VMware server with VOIP PBX and dansguardian ….

Device Watts kWh per month Cost (GBP) per month
Server 165 118.8 11.4048
data Storage array 308 221.76 21.28896
router 3 2.16 0.20736
hub 6 4.32 0.41472
Disk 10 7.2 0.6912
UPS ? 102 73.44 7.05024
Fish tank Light on 18 12.96 1.24416
Fish Tank light off 4 2.88 0.27648
Printer (standby) 8 5.76 0.55296
Print Server 8 5.76 0.55296
Xbox (standby) 1 0.72 0.06912
15″ LCD TV 2 1.44 0.13824
standard sat RX 25 18 1.728
cordless phone 3 2.16 0.20736
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WordPress MU in a Corporate environment

by on Sep.14, 2007, under Geekdom, General, Technology

I have just spent several hours trying to setup wordpress MU 1.2.4 with LDAP in to a CORP Active Directory,

MU does what wordpress does best, it just worked
LDAP auth was fantasic,
but everynow and then i was experiancing a 30 secs slow page load

Well before some of you start shouting, what i now know are obvious things,
I eventually noticed, using a cool tool called ieHeaders, that the page load delay was exactly 30 seconds every time, so came to the conclusion this was a timeout rather than a random thing. After some head scratching I remembered that some of the admin pages on wordpress get data from on NEW features etc

Eureeka, give the PHP http client (snoopy) a proxy server to use and everyones a winner ! 🙂

This was done with?? wordpress MU 1.2.4 , and LDAP plugin 1.2.0 from a WINDOWS AD / LDAP
The search and user DN need to be in this format OU=aaaa,OU=bbbb,DC=zzzz,DC=yyyy,DC=xxx
where the number number of OU fields and DC fiesl will vary depending on yoiu LDAP config

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WordPress revolution

by on Jul.02, 2007, under Computers, Geekdom, Technology

Following on from Outbreak of wordpress, it must be contagious, two things have developed

1. My humble internal install of wordpress has been gazumped for highlevel internal demos
2. I am now looking at wordpress MU with LDAP, for that enterprise, AD intragrated blogging solution


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