Nintendo DS WiFI

by on Jan.21, 2008, under Computers, Geekdom, Technology, WiFi

My son got a copy of the Nintendo DS transformers game for XMAS, and decided to try out the WiFi features over the weekend.
I had heard the some WiFi routers and access point do not work well as the DS wireless if not fully WiFi compliant. They aren???t kidding, more like not RFC compliant in many areas.
NO support for NON wep security
A TCP/IP stack that does not confirm it has taken the DHCP address it was offered and then does not respond to ping, instead it just uses it and says nothing, so the next new device connects to the network, gets the same address, and the DS gets kicked off,

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FON Free WiFi

by on Jan.07, 2008, under Technology, WiFi

Well after waiting 3 weeks by FON router (with optional 7dB antenna) finally arrived on Friday

Much to my surprise, it did the business straight out of the box

Plugged it in to my network and away it went (using the serial no for the private network WPA key)

Logged into the FON web site via the FON_AP public WiFi configure the location and that is it done, the FON locate WiFi maps now shows my house as a FON node.
Jobs a good???n

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WiFi Survey

by on Dec.20, 2007, under Computers, Technology, WiFi

In a total geeky moment of boredom i have carried out a WiFi survey

Having used my tructy PDA and a copy of WiFiFoFum here are some of the results
Total discover access points 1005
Access point with NO Wep 227
Access points with BTHomeHub SSID 128
Access points with linksys SSID 39
Access points with belkin 93
Access points with livebox 27
Access points with sky 121
Access points with netgear 39
Access points with 2wire 22
Access points with BTopenzone 2
Access points with with hiden SSID 29
number of unique SSID 714

1 313
2 11
3 12
4 10
5 9
6 209
7 18
8 7
9 26
10 16
11 351
12 6
13 17 (not sure how that works, not suppose to be available in the UK)

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Back Home

by on Aug.04, 2007, under BroadBand, Technology, WiFi

Well it got to Friday (27th) and I’d had enough of the water shortage, so we dragged the caravan out and legged it to Somerset,

I have the lovely ability to work from anywhere i can get a good broadband internet connection.
Enter the Thorney Lakes Camp site which has FREE Wi-Fi, which based on my best guess is running at about 1.5M, Prefeck….
and that is not to mention WORKING toilets and showers

Spent All week there, i think i actually managed to get more done, than i would have in the office…

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Panorama Wi-fi

by on May.22, 2007, under Technology, WiFi

Well what can i say, just watched panorama and there scare mongering attack on WiFi etc
Dont get me wrong, there could always be a small risk, but the manor in which is is presented was nothing more than scare mongering…. (does make me wonder about the presetation of the scientology investigation)
Using generic RF level meters to look for RF radiation is complete waste of space, one guy had the right approach using a spectrum analyser, and comparing the Levels at particular frequencies, but did nothing to explain the graphs

Mobile phone and Wifi frequencies at over an octave apart, and will have very different effects and interferance patterns

Picture this, typically only one frequancies will break any particular glass, a sound wave lass than an octave either way, will not break the glass. Therefore any PROVEN findings from specific mobile phone invetsigation, MAY NOT apply to other mobile phone network technologies, let alone WiFi !!!!

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Technology at its best

by on Apr.16, 2007, under BroadBand, Computers, Geekdom, Technology, VOIP, WiFi

After much google,ing and faffing, i have managed to

  • get my SIP softphone (VOIP) to connect to my asterisk box at home with out the use of a VPN
  • Get RPC over HTTP email to work
  • setup WEBDAV over SSL access to my file server

So I no longer need the VPN to do normal networky stuff to home, the only reason i need the VPN now is to trick Sky Anytime into thinking I am in the UK, and that is only the gui client, the peer to peer service does not give a stuff, so once i have requested the video, i can drop the VPN !

I am Glad i am NOT paying to the t-mobile WiFi usage !!

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WiFi -> WiF**k

by on Nov.13, 2006, under BroadBand, Computers, Geekdom, Technology, Unbelievable, WiFi

following on from the bloke in the UK getting a heavy fine for using a bit of free bandwidth

this seems a touch much
Singapore teen faces jail for ‘stealing’ neighbor’s wi-fi

Perhaps he should counter sue the wifi manufactures for shipping stuff that is open by default



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