Computerised Till 2 , PC World techie 0

by on Dec.10, 2007, under Computers, Technology, Unbelievable

Went Shopping at PCWorld over the weekend
Apart for the mental shock of stepping into PCWorld, I experienced something which just goes to highlight my thoughts about PCWorld Techies

The PCWorld till are windows 2000 based touch screen epos systems, so you woudl think, a PCWorld Techie would have no problem keeping them working,

however 2 of the 3 tills in the gloucester branch were offline due to Techincal problems

Go Figure

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Bounced email [*****SPAM***** Policy Framework]

by on Nov.20, 2007, under Rant, Technology

I??have had quite a few of these lately ,

this is the result of spam tosser spoofing email from my domain, but the bit that has pissed me off here is the fact the target email server even bothered to send a reply.

I know the email is spoofed as it has breached the SPF, so why even bother responding, Just delete it. respond during the SMTP ??conversation, not afterwards

Apparently almost 90% of all email on the internet is spam, but how much of that is bounces and “no user here” errors from mail servers with admins who have a 12th centry idea of server config

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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

by on Oct.23, 2007, under Computers, Geekdom, General, Rant, Technology

I had a lovley surprise this morning, 1600 bounced spam emails in my “selective catch all” mail box

I use the term selective, as it has a huge (3000+) blacklist, that and the RDNS connection filtering I run, keeps my normal spam, in the mail box, down to less than 10 a day, with some 3000 being actively rejected.
There is a big debate around whether “catch all” is a good idea these days, But I find it soooo usefull, to be able to use a slighly different email address for any site I register with, especially when outfits like autotrader (autotrader@) leak email data to nigeria like a holey thing and inteflora (flowers@) sold my email address on,

This mornings little treat was not rejected by the RDNS process as they all came from legit mail relays, as bounced email. Which basicaly mean some arsehole is spoofing email from my domain. having been hear before, it is usually followed by a barage of don’t email stuff like this please email from the less astute netizens

I also have reason to believe that one of my work email address’s is being use to spoof spam too, as I have one or two bouced email arrive there too

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Media and social bollocks

by on Oct.19, 2007, under General, Unbelievable

Dr Jame watson (the DNA GOD) caused a “racist” stirr when he said “Black people ‘less intelligent'”
see this times article

He made this statement based on their typical DNA make-up

I bet if he said, he knows why blacks have bigger cocks, as it is in their DNA, everyone would have laughed if off !!

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School nostalgia

by on Oct.11, 2007, under General, Unbelievable

Well that time has come to go an visit secondary prospective schools for my son to attend next year. Last night was the turn of my old school Crypt School, Gloucester. I left there in FEB 1986, having completely screwed my A-Level mocks. and I was surprised (and shocked) by what i found
some parts of the school have changed (some for the better) radically in the last 21 years, some parts however, like the school hall, seem to be stuck in a time bubble, and are exactly has??I remember it, the colour, the small, the chairs, the stage, the decor etc
Then came the wonder round the school, when??I stumbled on the 1983 school photo, what a shock to see myself and some of the many friends I had since forgotten. During the tour??I met two old friends, Jeremy Matthews and Heath Long, I had not seen Heath since I left 21.5 years ago.
Then came the biggest shocks, Mr Spear, (A geography teacher while I was there) and Mrs Preston (my 3rd year, year 9 in modern lingo) is still teaching at the school, and yet even more shocking Mrs Preston, remembered and recognised me. OH MY GOD was I really that nasty to her !!!!

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Power (oh my god)

by on Sep.27, 2007, under, Computers, Geekdom, Technology, Unbelievable

got my self one of those domestic power meters and been around the house,


Need to change my storage strategy, the Compaq RA4100 fibre channel chassis with 12 disk may well be over kill, but it is also DAMN expensive to run,
and I have NO idea why the UPS is pulling 100Watts with NO load !!!

??As i am only ising the storage for archive type stuff not “live” apps, I am planning to replce it with an external USB2 disk,
the Cost Recovery Period will be less than 4 months !

Not sure what to do about the server though, it is runnign AD, Exchange, VMware server with VOIP PBX and dansguardian ….

Device Watts kWh per month Cost (GBP) per month
Server 165 118.8 11.4048
data Storage array 308 221.76 21.28896
router 3 2.16 0.20736
hub 6 4.32 0.41472
Disk 10 7.2 0.6912
UPS ? 102 73.44 7.05024
Fish tank Light on 18 12.96 1.24416
Fish Tank light off 4 2.88 0.27648
Printer (standby) 8 5.76 0.55296
Print Server 8 5.76 0.55296
Xbox (standby) 1 0.72 0.06912
15″ LCD TV 2 1.44 0.13824
standard sat RX 25 18 1.728
cordless phone 3 2.16 0.20736
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Severn Trent AARRGGHH

by on Sep.21, 2007, under General, Unbelievable

For years, I have complained about Severn Trent Waters billing practices of sending out bill at RANDOM intervals, on the 14th of the month Demanding payment in 10 days, like WHO has 100 quid to spare in the last few week of a month!!!!

No they have taken the bisuit,
i have just recieved my FIRST bill since January, and seeing as they managed to wriggle out of any compensation for the lack of running water for 10+ days this summer are aksing for 340 quid, are they having a laugh

Perhaps its time to look and monthly direct debit, so i check out their web site, which has SOD all information other than contact then, which I did. So after 15 minutes on a IVR on hold, i get some fuckwit who insisted on asking me what payment plan I wanted, I dont know, that it what i rang up for !!!,


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Tosser on a bus

by on Sep.20, 2007, under, Technology, Unbelievable

Fairly normal morning, buses actually running to timetable, unlike tuesday !

So I got on the No10 bus, at the bus-stop right outside Hucclecote Library (opposite the Royal Oak public house if you dont do librarys) only to find a tosser playing crap rap very loudly on his mobile phone,

So here is a picture of Mr Tosser for everyone to see !!!!


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Water Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

by on Jul.22, 2007, under General, Unbelievable

While most of gloucester is flooded, the water treatment plant has been flooded and shut down

OH and the Severntrent water web site,, has collapsed under the strain


Severn Trent Water said the water supply situation was serious and is urging customers to conserve water, not run baths or hose down any dirty areas on Sunday.
The situation is serious, our pumping and treatment works at Mythe has been flooded by the water. It has been overwhelmed. We cannot remember a time the works itself have ever been flooded like this. It doesn’t sit on the flood plain it is some way off.
“Our pumps and processes have had to be switched off. We’ve had to evacuate the site.
“Some treated water is left in our reservoirs serving Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and Gloucester. If people are careful we can maintain the supply a little longer.
“We are organising staff and putting bowsers out into areas of Gloucester first then Cheltenham and Tewkesbury.
“The situation we are dealing with is truly exceptional and unprecedented.
It will be sometime, at least a couple of days, before we can supply water through the pipes again,” he said.
Some supermarkets in Gloucester were reportedly rationing bottled water to one per customer.


Water Supply Situation for Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury – Sunday 22 July 2007
Floods shut down water treatment works at Tewkesbury????

Severn Trent Water’s Mythe Water Treatment Works in Tewkesbury has been submerged by rising flood water and had to be shut down and the site evacuated in the early hours of Sunday morning.
This means that water supplies to customers in the Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester areas will be seriously affected for at least the next 72 hours.??
Andy Smith, Severn Trent???s director of water services, explained:?? ???We estimate that the situation will continue until at least Wednesday.?? We must wait for the flood water to subside before we can begin to assess the damage done to equipment and machinery at Mythe.?? And even when we are able to restart the works, it will take some time for the network and water supplies to return to normal.
???In the meantime, we are arranging for bowsers ??? or mini water tankers ??? to be delivered today to various sites across the towns affected to ensure that customers have access to water whilst we deal with the incident.???
??Andy added:?? ???We are therefore urgently appealing to customers to use water sparingly and, in that way, help one another to make the remaining supplies last longer.???

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Hoegaarden or not to Hoegaarden

by on Jul.01, 2007, under General, Unbelievable

usual sunday night at the pup for the pup quiz
Few interesting points, no smoking in the pub, and some hoegaarden beer mats
Cool me thinks i will have a pint of hoegaarden,

No suck luck, they did not actually sell hoegaarden 🙁

apperenlty it is too expensive,

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