Cheshire police Over kill

by on Jan.30, 2008, under Rant

I had the unfortunately pleasure of having to drive to Altrincham Near Manchester for a meeting. When I got to the Cheshire border I discovers that the Cheshire police have deployed not ONE but FIVE police patrol vehicle on the M6, TWO had pulled cars over, TWO were on bridges and once was running a pace car doing 70 MPH, not the usual 60 so you can creep past,

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Chicken Madras HELL

by on Jan.21, 2008, under General, Rant

It???s been a long time since I had an Indian take away, but Friday night the urge got the better of me
So we call the local, trusty garlic Indian, and waited for it to arrive, 45 mins later, one steaming hot madras for me and a Korma for the wife. Then it all went horribly wrong
The Fuckers have a NEW chef, the Madras was more curry flavour tomato sauce, Wikipedia says ???Madras curry or Madras sauce is a fairly hot curry sauce, red in colour and with heavy use of chilli powder??? this was more the was out of a empty chilli box.
Then the wife exclaims ???there is stuff in the korma??? for be more precise sultanas, she hates fruit of any kind in cooked food. Some may say sultanas are supposed to be there, but we have not seen them before in a korma from this place
End Result, no more Indian take ways (deliveries) from the garlic, so may have to go for collections from the Polash instead, however they are very slow, but next to a pub !

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Bounced email [*****SPAM***** Policy Framework]

by on Nov.20, 2007, under Rant, Technology

I??have had quite a few of these lately ,

this is the result of spam tosser spoofing email from my domain, but the bit that has pissed me off here is the fact the target email server even bothered to send a reply.

I know the email is spoofed as it has breached the SPF, so why even bother responding, Just delete it. respond during the SMTP ??conversation, not afterwards

Apparently almost 90% of all email on the internet is spam, but how much of that is bounces and “no user here” errors from mail servers with admins who have a 12th centry idea of server config

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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

by on Oct.23, 2007, under Computers, Geekdom, General, Rant, Technology

I had a lovley surprise this morning, 1600 bounced spam emails in my “selective catch all” mail box

I use the term selective, as it has a huge (3000+) blacklist, that and the RDNS connection filtering I run, keeps my normal spam, in the mail box, down to less than 10 a day, with some 3000 being actively rejected.
There is a big debate around whether “catch all” is a good idea these days, But I find it soooo usefull, to be able to use a slighly different email address for any site I register with, especially when outfits like autotrader (autotrader@) leak email data to nigeria like a holey thing and inteflora (flowers@) sold my email address on,

This mornings little treat was not rejected by the RDNS process as they all came from legit mail relays, as bounced email. Which basicaly mean some arsehole is spoofing email from my domain. having been hear before, it is usually followed by a barage of don’t email stuff like this please email from the less astute netizens

I also have reason to believe that one of my work email address’s is being use to spoof spam too, as I have one or two bouced email arrive there too

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